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Ridgway Private Wealth focuses on Investment Management and Financial Planning for individuals and families and offers comprehensive Trust Services.  Following is a detailed description of our investment management practice.

Investment Process

  • Our investment process is built on 25 years of investment experience which has seen some quite dramatic twists and turns.
  • Initially we will work with our clients to determine an appropriate investment objective based on their goals and risk tolerance. During on-going meetings with clients, goals and objectives are reviewed.
  • Portfolio construction is developed based on guidance from numerous research firms including Argus Research, Zachs Investment Research, Bespoke Investment Group and Kestra Financial.
  • Investment objective strategies are reviewed monthly and are generally updated every quarter or as market conditions warrant.
  • Each account is generally rebalanced quarterly or as markets and client situations arise. We also find it extremely important to minimize client costs and any tax implications.
  • Depending on the size of the account, individual U.S. large, mid-cap and international American Depository Receipts (ADR’s) equities are preferred over mutual & exchange-traded funds. Individual investment grade bonds (U.S. government, corporate and municipal) are also preferred over mutual & exchange-traded funds.
  • Mutual & exchange-traded funds are implemented for exposure to international and high-yield fixed income, small cap and emerging market equities and alternative investments that include commodities and real-estate investment trusts (REITS). Private placements including hedge funds are available for those investors who qualify.
  • Though we mainly work in an advisory capacity, there are traditional brokerage accounts for someone who wants to take a more active role in the investment decisions.

Administration and Planning

  • Clients will receive in most cases same-day responses to their request. Robust technology and product features allow for easy access to monitor their account and for cash management.
  • All clients will have access and are encouraged to complete a financial plan with their advisor detailing their goals. Goals such as retirement, college planning or a second home will be monitored for progress and chances for success in reaching those goals.






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